Project Management

Project Management is the discipline to organize and manage the means in a way that the entire project is accomplished within reaching time and costs proposed at the beginning.
Project Management involves a set of activities that use up means as time, moeny, people, materials, energy, communication (among other resources) to achieve pre defined goals.


Each presented transaction is personalized and studied by our team of professionals and the customer is advised in all different aspects so the project is achieved in a good way.
DOBIAS S.A offers a pack of services for your business to solve and attend needs in many different areas including common issues and specific requirements to reach grater competitiveness in the local and internationalmarket.


Peolple who concern to improve finances and want to grow economically, know that the true power is investment. We also have associated , professionals and well qualified business companies all around the world, experts in active administration,banking and capital markets,located in the most important geographical areas giving a unique structure that allows move quickly and assign to the transactions and advice projects in all the world.

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in international markets?

In DOBIAS S.A we offer assitance and comprehensive counseling

Financial Tools

We offer you a wide spectrum of services, depending on different tools that your business has as different ways of payment or to generate as guarantees or collateral to invest or take financing.

Project Financing

DOBIA S.A can finance your projects, no matter which country you are, we can be strategical business or financial associates, meaning a growth in your company.

Art Pieces

Putting down as warranty an art piece with all the documentation as expertise, insurance, property certificates, we will issue the banking guarantee in international first line entities.

Trusts/Common Funds

Our group is associated to international Investment companies that contribute capitals or active so professionals can administrate, investing in safe operations short or long term and great profitability.

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